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Cancelled across the UK yesterday (19th January)

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Automatic Compensation

Simplified train compensation

We'll keep track of your regular journeys and automatically apply for a refund on your behalf whenever there's an eligible delay. You don't need to lift a finger.

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Charts and Stats for every UK rail operator

Charts, Stats, Figures and Lists

See how your journey was affected at a glance. Our colour coding give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your route.

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Daily journey emails

Journey emails in the mornings

See a full rundown of yesterday's service and if your train was eligible for compensation. No need to search for it, we'll send it straight to you.

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Keep track of your claims

Keep track of your claims

Your account stores a full history of your claims, and you can see what's been refunded and what's still pending. Never worry about chasing up a claim again.

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100% paid straight to you

100% of the claim is yours...

We charge a very small flat fee for our service. By doing this we're able to ensure every penny of your refund ends up in your bank account.

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Simple and low-cost pricing

...or 100% to charity

Turn your disruption into something positive. Choose to pay your refunds directly to The Samaritans who help prevent tragic incidents on the line.

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"Straight-forward to use, TrainClaimer highlights if your train is eligible for compensation and processes the claim for you. Without TrainClaimer I probably wouldn't have bothered to claim the compensation I was owed.

Amar S

Train Claimer is quick and easy to use.
Their daily emails are bespoke to you and help you get the right claim quickly and at a very reasonable price.

Joe T