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What makes TrainClaimer unique

How to use TrainClaimer

We've made it as easy as possible to make compensation claims for disrupted train journeys.

Easy ticket upload - Using your webcam, phone camera, file upload, or TfL journey history. All we need is a photo!

Easy to claim - Just find your train and add a photo of your ticket.

Automatic claims - For one-off or regular journeys, we can generate a claim automatically for you.

One-click submission - We store your season ticket, you can submit your claim with just one tap.

Journey Emails - Get emailed a colour-coded departure board for your specific journey.

Get paid directly, or donate to charity - The train company pays 100% of your compensation straight to you. Or, choose to donate it to The Samaritans.

Powerful statistics - Find out how your company, region, station or individual train compares to others.

How to make a claim on TrainClaimer


Find your train

1. Find Your Train

Enter your departure station then find the train you were aiming to board.


Add your ticket

2. Add your ticket

Simply add a photo of your ticket or pass. No need to fill out the details - all part of our service!


We submit your claim

3. We submit your claim

We review your claim and, if it's all in order, submit to to the train company on your behalf.


We keep you informed

4. We keep you informed

Any correspondence the train company send, including rejecting or accepting your claim, will be forwarded straight to your email address.


Get 100% of the payment... or donate it!

5. Get paid or donate to charity

You get 100% of your approved claim payment directly. Alternatively, choose to donate it to charity to help The Samaritans reduce railway suicides.

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