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"All Change" - Site Improvements

Part 1 of our series looking at the changes on TrainClaimer

Posted 7th May 2019

As announced to our users via email, we are today (7th May 2019) announcing changes to the way TrainClaimer operates, with immediate effect. You can read the full announcement here.

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Part 1: Site Improvements

We are making a number of tweaks and improvements to our website. This will be mostly a gradual process of evolution, not revolution, but there are a number of improvements already made and some coming within the next few weeks.

Available now: Remembering departure board filter choices

If you are a subscriber and make use of the filter on the departure boards to, for example, only show late or cancelled trains - then your choice of filter will be remembered as you browse different dates or trains from different stations. Previously these were reset every time you did a new search - but now there's no need to click the filters each time.

Available now: View unconfirmed trains

Subscribers can now also opt to view unconfirmed trains as part of their filter choices. This means that you can see trains which are in our system, but which have not been confirmed (i.e. arrived) at the station you're looking at yet. Previously, you could only see services which had been confirmed as stopping (or confirmed as cancelled) at your choice of station.

Although you cannot claim for an unconfirmed train, this new view will enable you to more easily see whether or not your journey might be disrupted enough to claim compensation. Remember, our data refreshes every hour so you won't have to wait too long to see the next batch of trains being confirmed!

Available now: Screenshot of Contactless or Oyster journey history

Making it as easy as possible to upload your ticket/pass/other proof of journey has always been our aim. That's why we offer different methods so you don't have to take a photo then upload it (unless you want to!)... instead you can take a photo directly from our site, using your webcam or camera phone, or - if you have a smartcard - we just need you to enter some basic information.

We've just launched our new TfL widgets where you can screenshot your Transport for London journey history directly from your TrainClaimer account. It works whether you tap in and out with a dedicated Oyster card, or with your Contactless debit or credit card.

Available now: Journey emails sent weekly

You asked, we delivered! Our Journey Emails, which list all the trains from a selected station to a selected station between two selected times as a colour-coded email, can now be sent weekly on a day of your choosing.

Coming soon: Stats restricted to subscribers

As has always been our aim following a period of beta-testing, our powerful UK railway stats will soon be restricted to subscribers only.

Our stats allow you to see graphs, charts and figures for any query you might want: from cancellations across the whole of England, to comparing late trains between Thameslink and Southern, all the way to comparing the performance of one specific train.

Coming soon: Design tweaks

We are going to make some subtle tweaks to the design of the site to make it even easier to use and pleasant to look at!

Coming soon: New Android app

Let's face it: our first attempt at an app was rubbish. We're looking urgently at replacing it with an ad-free version which just works.