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"All Change" - Subscription Packages

Part 2 of our series looking at the changes on TrainClaimer

Posted 10th May 2019

In this series of blog posts we are explaining in detail the changes we are making to our service. You can read the full announcement here.

Part 2: New Subscription Options

We thought only offering one subscription type was limiting to those who don't need the free Credits, or for those who are heavy travellers and need more Credits than their subscription offered.

So we now have a choice of subscriptions packages.

We renamed the original subscription as our "Advanced" package, and have two new plans: "Basic", and "Pro".

New: Basic package

The Basic package gives access to all of TrainClaimer's features without any free Credits. This new package is perfect for those who process the actual compensation claims themselves, but who love having access to our Automatic Claims, Journey Emails, Statistics. and colour-coded departure boards.

Our Basic package is just 25p a month, or £2.50 for a whole year's access.

New: Pro package

On the other hand, our new Pro package offers unlimited Credits for jut £20 a year, or £2 a month. With this package, there's no need to worry about running out of Credits or ever having to top-up.

Full access to our features, as many claims as you need all handled by TrainClaimer, and compensation paid straight to you.

Renamed: Advanced package

Our original subscription package, which gives 2 free Credits a month or 25 a year, has been renamed our "Advanced" package. This still offers the same great value-for-money, and we've held our prices too - so subscriptions are available for £7.50 a year or 75p a month.

A note about our Price Lock

We've retained our exclusive Price Lock (formerly called our "Price for Life") on all subscriptions - so your existing price won't increase as a result of these changes, or ever, for the life of your existing subscription.