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December 2019: Goodbye Virgin, Hello 15 minute compensation

For journeys after 8th December on the East Coast Mainline, you can claim if delayed by 15 minutes or more.

Posted 5th December 2019

On Sunday 8th December 2019, we say farewell to Virgin Trains after 22 years operating the west coast mainline from London to the Midlands, North-West England and Scotland. The franchise is being handed to Avanti West Coast who will also be introducing 15-minute delay compensation.

Virgin Trains has become an institution and is generally well-liked and well-respected amongst the travelling public. However, at TrainClaimer we prefer to look forwards and Avanti are promising great improvements as we move towards the introduction of High Speed 2 to Birmingham.

The most immediate change will be moving a DR15, which means that if your journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more you will be entitled to compensation - compared to 30 minutes under Virgin.

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TrainClaimer is ready for these changes

From 8th December onwards, you will see trains on our site being listed as Avanti rather than Virgin. The colour-coding in our departure boards and Journey Emails will change slightly to represent journeys which might be eligible for compensation if they were 15, rather than 30, minutes late or more. Other than these two small changes, everything will stay the same - you will be able to check how well your train ran, and how well Avanti performs in our extensive train statistics.

The old Virgin data will still be visible

For the first time, we're trialling a new system where a franchise changes. Previously, for example during the East Midlands changeover in the summer, the new operator simply had their name replaced in our system. This means that trains run on the route in, say, January 2019 which ran as the old East Midlands Trains, now appear in TrainClaimer as the new East Midlands Railway even though they didn't exist then.

Now, no more data will be stored against Virgin Trains after 7th December and data will start appearing for Avanti from 8th December onwards.

We believe this change makes it clearer which operator ran the train, makes it easier to compare operators across franchise changes, and allows us to separate out things more easily on our site. Please do feedback any thoughts on this change.

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• You can still choose to donate your compensation to The Samaritans and receive a free Credit for doing so.
• Apply for compensation up to 25 days after travel date to receive a free claim for that journey.
• Only subscribers can take advantage of the free claim offer. PAYG users will be charged a Credit as usual.
• The free claim offer happens automatically. No purchase necessary.
• TrainClaimer reserves the right to withdraw the free claim offer or the discount code at any time without notice.
• Your statutory rights are not affected.
These terms apply in addition to our usual Terms and Conditions.

Photo Credits:
1) Virgin train passing through Rugby station by mattbuck007 on Flickr