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Delay Repay claims generated for you automatically

Get automatic compensation for disrupted train journeys

TrainClaimer believes that placing a Delay Repay claim should be as simple as possible.

Part of the confusion around claiming is knowing whether or not your train is eligible for compensation.

That changes with our automatic claims.

How do automatic claims work?

Simple - you just tell us in advance which train you're aiming to catch. You can do this from your TrainClaimer dashboard - all we need to know is your departure and destination stations, and the exact time the train is scheduled to depart. It works for one-off journeys, but the real time-saver is for season ticket holders who always catch the same train. It doesn't even have to be the same time each day - if you work later on Mondays or finish earlier on Fridays, that's not a problem.

Then the next morning, if your train is eligible, we'll generate a claim for you and let you know via email.

All you need to do is confirm you were still aiming to catch that train, by clicking a handy link in the email.

Just like regular claims, it costs one Credit (or is free with our Pro plan) and we'll process it in exactly the same way.

You can setup as many automatic claims as you like, for whichever days you like. It's the perfect way to ensure you never miss out on the compensation you're due.

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