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100% of your compensation, paid straight to you

With TrainClaimer, you keep 100% of your claim. We don't keep a penny of it, and it gets paid straight into your bank account, PayPal account or sent to your home address in vouchers.

And remember, you can instead choose to donate your claim to The Samaritans instead, and we'll even give you a free Credit for doing so!

So how do you make your money?

Instead of taking a cut of each claim, we offer great value, flexible subscription options as well as a pay-as-you-go model.

There are a variety of different plans, some of which come with free Credits - our virtual currency. Each claim costs one Credit.

For PAYG users or those with a Basic subscription, or those on other plans who run out of Credits, they can be purchased on the website and are available immediately.

However they are accumulated, Credits never expire.

BACS, PayPal, vouchers...

Different train operating companies offer different ways of receiving your claim. Most now offer BACS payment straight into your bank account, but some companies still only offer travel vouchers.

Where vouchers are the only option, these will be sent to your home address and can be used against the purchase of new rail travel tickets to and from any UK station. If you prefer cold, hard cash - they can be exchanged for their monetary value at any ticket office operated by that company (but not by other companies).

A handful of operators offer a PayPal deposit as an alternative to a BACS transfer.

You can choose your preferred method of recompense on your Profile page and supply us with your BACS details and/or PayPal email address.

When TrainClaimer processes your claims we will try to use your preferred method of payment. If this is not available and you have alternative details added to your profile, we will use these instead. For example if you prefer PayPal but the operator doesn't offer that as an option, and you have added BACS details to your profile as well, we will use BACS instead. Where the operator doesn't offer anything suitable, we will default back to travel vouchers.

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