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Donate to charity

The Samaritans

It's a sad statistic that 16 people take their lives every single day in the UK alone – and that a number of those fatalities occur on our railways.

It's only natural that you may not feel comfortable accepting compensation for a delay caused by such a tragic event, which is why we give you the option to donate the proceeds for a particular refund to charity instead.

You may have noticed signs put up by The Samaritans at the end of platforms. This charity reaches out to people in their most vulnerable moments and gives them a friendly voice to speak to. By opting to donate your refund to charity, The Samaritans will receive 100% of the proceeds and put it to good use.

They're currently answering phone calls every six seconds, and your donation will allow them to keep up with the callers – who are in vulnerable positions and need somebody to talk to. We don't want you to be out of pocket for your good deed so we'll make sure to give you a free Credit for every claim that you choose to donate.

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