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Regular journey emails to help you claim

Daily or Weekly Journey Emails - straight to your inbox

Our email service can send the colour-coded departure boards you see on our site, straight to your email address, every morning or once a week on a day that suits you.

Customise emails to your journeys

You can set the journey, times, and days you're sent a journey email. Don't work on Wednesdays? Not a problem. Start work later on Fridays? No issue. You're in control and can set the day(s) and time span for the trains covered in each email.

Get the whole picture

You'll get a full picture of the previous day's or week's service and will benefit from our easy to understand colour-coded system for displaying the data. Everything you need, in just a glance.

Great for regular travellers who don't always catch the same train

All regular travellers will find our journey emails useful, but they're specifically designed for shift workers or flexible commuters who don't always take the same train. If you always get on the same service, our automatic claims offer an even quicker way to claim compensation for disrupted journeys.

Quick to claim

Each train in the email has a direct link to start a claim - so if your journey was delayed you can begin your claim immediately. Plus, if you already have a valid ticket in your account, it's just one more click to submit it - and then you're done!

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