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Daily or Weekly Journey Emails

It's trouble enough to keep your season tickets up to date and checking that day's live trains. The last thing you've got time to do is remember how late your previous journeys were and apply for a refund. That's why we'll send you an email to ensure you've got the information you need without having to go searching for it. You can choose to receive this email every day, or once a week.

You'll get a full picture of the previous day's or week's service and will benefit from a quick-to-read, colour-coded system for displaying the data. Everything you need, in just a glance.

Smart Refunds

It's a real pain having to log in and search for information that may or may not be there – so we'll send it all to you in the daily email. If you travelled on an affected train, you’ll be able to apply for a refund right there in the email. If you already have a valid ticket added to your account, it's just one click and you're done!

Customise Your Alerts

You can set which days you're emailed about, from your account. This means you'll be able to tailor it to a non-standard commute. You can also choose which day you receive the weekly email.

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