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UK Rail Statistics

We have in-depth details for every train in the UK!

Colour Coding

In our departure boards and Journey Emails we colour-code trains so you can see at a glance which trains are late, on time, cancelled - or even early!

Red means the train was cancelled
Orange indicates the train was late and may be eligible for compensation
Yellow shows which trains were late, but not late enough to claim
Green means the train was on-time
Blue trains arrived or departed early

If you don't specify a destination station, the colour-coding is based on the departure from the origin station. Where both a "from" and "to" station are entered, and on our Journey Emails, the colour-coding is based on the arrival at the destination.

Stats and graphs about your train services

We make it easier than it's ever been to get in-depth information about your rail service at a quick glance. Every departure follows a colour-coding system to make it immediately obvious what that train's status is. You'll know straight away if your train leaves you eligible for compensation.

If you're unlucky enough to have several trains that left you running late throughout the week – or even month! – we provide you with advanced date range tools that make quick work of finding your particular train. Train Operating Companies typically remove this data from their website after a few hours, so it would otherwise be difficult to see which services were affected.

For a particular service, you might be interested in our reliability graph – which can help confirm that sneaking suspicion you have that the service is getting worse! We'll categorise trains from the past two weeks as on-time, late, very late or cancelled.

The best part? If you've got your regular commute set up, you don't need to go looking for this information; we'll email it to you every morning and you can even setup Automatic Claims in your account.

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Note: Statistics are currently free but we plan to make them available only to subscribers in the near future.