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Plan Comparison

We offer three different levels of service: two free plans and one paid plan that gives you exclusive access to premium features.

Thinking of a paid plan? You'll benefit from our price "lock in" guarantee, that ensures you'll never see the price go up as long as you're a subscribed member.

Claim compensationNoPAYG from 12p per claimFree credits every time your subscription renews
Plus topup from 8p per Credit
One-click compensationNoOnce you have added details of a ticket, claims for journeys made on that ticket can be submitted with just one click!
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Automatic compensationNoNoSet up unlimited regular or future train journeys you're going to make, and we'll trigger a claim automatically if those trains are eligible for compensation!
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Donate to charityNoDonate any claim to The Samaritans to help prevent railway suicides. For every donated claim, you get one free Credit to use against future journeys.
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Departures ViewToday and last 25 days onlyDeparture and arrival information for all available trains
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Colour codingNoNoDepartures and train details are colour-coded based on their delay and eligibility status
Extra FiltersNoNoFilter trains and stats by arrival ("to") station, and time of day (e.g. only peak times)
Date rangeNoNoSelect any date range including multiple dates
GraphsNoLimited graphsFull graphs and statistics breaking down arrivals, departures, trains, cancellations and missed stops
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StatsNoLimited stats
Journey Alert emailsNoNoBe sent a daily email for an unlimited amount of train journeys, listing all dpeartures in the selected time period
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