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Detailed and flexible railway statistics for any train, station, region or company

TrainClaimer is proud to introduce the most detailed and customisable railway statistics available on the Internet.

Our system displays UK train performance data for every train in the UK nations, right down to one individual train at the smallest village station.

Add an unlimited amount of train operators, any UK area big or small, stations or even individual trains to your selection, then compare and contrast with our easy to follow graphs and statistics.

For each data set, you can select from cancellations, very late trains, late trains or on-time trains; as well as the averages of them all. For some data sets there are extra options such as total number of trains or stops, where appropriate.


Ever wondered whether Thameslink or Southern is better? How about the most reliable way - statistically - to get from London to Edinburgh: East coast or west coast? With TrainClaimer's UK railway statistics you can find out and compare performance on specified days - even individually-timed trains!

Maybe you want to just see the performance of one train operator over the course of a month - that's possible too!

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Got a sneaky feeling your regular commuter train is always cancelled compared to the previous or next one? Now you can find out - add any UK train, see how often it is delayed or cancelled either in total or on average, and add a second or third (or hundredth!) train to add to your comparison.

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What happens with the trains at your station over the course of a day? With our graphs, you can see exactly how many arrive on time, late, very late - or not at all - and even the reasons for the delay or cancellation.

You can add an unlimited amount of stations to your search, so you can compare neighbouring stations to see which station has the best performance.

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In addition, you can select any UK nation (England, Scotland or Wales), any sub-region (such as UK counties, unitary authority areas, or regions like the West Midlands or Greater London), and/or any local area (such as individual towns or cities).

With this, you can see how - say - the whole of Birmingham's trains compare to the whole of Edinburgh's trains.

Regional railway performance figures »

Disclaimer, Dates and Access

Please note this system is currently in post-BETA status - while much of the final testing is complete, there may still be errors in the data or the user interface.

We also welcome your feedback - good or bad - on the system, such as suggestions for new ways of showing the data, new pieces of data, or bug reports.

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Statistics become available automatically at approximately 8:30am, four days after the event. The latest available date is currently 29th May 2020.

The delay is so that the stats are as accurate as possible, all trains have completed their journeys (including sleeper trains or those affected by severe disruption overnight), and for us to do extra processing and checking on the data before it is confirmed in the statistics.